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About Boiceville Market
Boiceville Market opened its doors in September of 1989 and has proudly been serving the central Catskills ever since. The store has been locally owned and operated this entire time by the Occhi Family. There is not a day of the week that passes without at least one member of the family present to keep a close eye on the operation. Whether it be Mario, his wife Nancy, or their sons Richard and Andrew you can be sure to find their presence to assist in whatever your shopping needs may be. All of this means that if you have any questions or comments you won't have to fill out some form or call some corporate office. Just ask for one of the owners or their manager Steve, who has worked at the Market for more than twenty years.
Since the Boiceville Market has opened, the store has gone through many improvements and renovations both inside and out. As you walk through the store, you will notice all the refrigerated and frozen cases in all departments have been upgraded. Our newly purchased check-outs have super fast scanners. Customer displays allow the clientele to observe exactly what is being purchased in real time.
After shopping at the Boiceville Market, you will find that it's not another cookie cutter mega-mart but a store where service, quality, and community are at the forefront. Located eighteen miles west of Kingston on Rt. 28, you'll find a visit to the Boiceville Market not only a beautiful drive but a wonderful shopping experience. If for some reason we don't have what you're looking for, just ask and we will do our best to get it for you.
Remember, being locally owned and operates means everyone involved, whether employer or employee, has a vested interest in customer satisfaction.